Wipro Gives Pink Slip to 1000 employees

Wipro Technologies the top IT company has decided to Layoff about 4-5 per cent of its workforce, about 2,400-3,000 employees, under the scanner for non-performance. Company sources reveal that about 1,000 employees have been asked to leave.

While some would be given counseling to improve their performance, others would be asked to leave.

NEWS Source Wipro’s corporate vice-president (human resources) Mr. Pratik Kumar confirmed the move. Asked how many employees had been asked to move on, he said the company did not disclose that number, but it was “significantly lower than 2,000”. “I can’t comment on a particular number,” Kumar said, when asked to comment.

Recently IBM, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) & Panti Computer Systems had given pink slips for their employees for non-performance, increasingly on fake biodatas,.

In February, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the country’s largest IT services firm, had given pink slips to 500 non-performers. IBM had also given the pink slip to a large number of its entry-level trainee programmers working across the country, citing performance issues.

In July, Patni Computer Systems had shown the door to 400 employees. While IT companies said the move was not linked to the slowdown in the US, a key market for IT services, there was a consensus that it was time for belt-tightening.


How to Build Self Confidence

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How to Build Self Confidence

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
You want to be confident and feel confident, but what if you’re starting with little or no confidence? How do you get from Point A to Point B? True self-confidence isn’t an overnight acquisition. It takes dedication to realize you are a good human being that is worthy of respect and love.


  1. Recognize your insecurities. What does that voice in the back of your mind say? What makes you ashamed of yourself? This could be anything from acne, to regrets, to emotional abuse (past or present) from a loved one or friends at school. Whatever is making you feel unworthy, ashamed, or inferior, identify it, give it a name, and write it down.
  2. Talk about it with friends and loved ones. Wear it on your sleeve. Each day chip away at it; wear it down. There’s no quick fix. Get to the root of the problem; focus on it and understand that you need to resolve each issue before you can move on.
  3. Remember that no one is perfect. Even the most confident people have insecurities. At some point in any of our lives, we may feel we lack something. That is reality. Learn that life is full of bumps down the road.
  4. Identify your successes Everyone is good at something, so discover the things at which you excel, then focus on your talents. Give yourself permission to take pride in them. Give yourself credit for your successes. Inferiority is a state of mind in which you’ve declared yourself a victim. Do not allow yourself to be victimized.
  5. Be thankful for what you have. A lot of the times, at the root of insecurity and lack of confidence is a feeling of not having enough of something, whether it’s emotional validation, good luck, money, etc. By acknowledging and appreciating what you do have, you can combat the feeling of being incomplete and unsatisfied. Finding that inner peace will do wonders for your confidence.
  6. Be Positive, even if you don’t feel positive. Avoid self-pity, or the pity and sympathy of others. Never allow others to make you feel inferior–they can only do so if you let them. If you continue to loathe and belittle yourself, others are going to do and believe likewise. Instead, speak positively about yourself, about your future, and about your progress. Do not be afraid to project your strengths and qualities to others. By doing so, you reinforce those ideas in your mind and encourage your growth in a positive direction.
  7. Look in the mirror and smile. Studies surrounding what’s called the “facial feedback theory” suggest that the expressions on your face can actually encourage your brain to register certain emotions. So by looking in the mirror and smiling every day, you might feel happier with yourself and more confident in the long run.
  8. Fake it. Along the same lines of smiling to make yourself feel happy, acting confident might actually make you believe it. Pretend you’re a completely confident version of you; go through the motions and see how you feel.
  9. Express yourself, whether it’s through art, music, writing, etc. Find something you enjoy. Everyone is born with talents and strengths. You can develop and excel in yours. If it’s difficult to name two or three things you have some ability in or just plain love to do, think about things others do that you would like to do too and take some lessons or join an enthusiasts club. When you’re following your passion, not only will it have a therapeutic effect, but you’ll feel unique and accomplished, all of which can help build your self confidence. Plus, adding a variety of interests to your life will not only make you more confident, but it will increase your chances of meeting compatible friends!
  10. Stick to your principles. It might be tough, but if you don’t have something you can believe in, you don’t have anything. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. No matter what’s happened in your life, you can always lay claim to the fact that from this day forward, you’ve followed your principles to the best of your ability.
  11. Help others. When you know you’re kind to the people around you, and are making a positive difference in other people’s lives (even if it’s just being kinder to the person who serves you coffee in the morning) you’ll know that you are a positive force in the world–which will boost your self confidence. Go volunteer twice a month at an elementary school. Bake something for your neighbor for no reason. Confidence that you have earned is the most long-lasting.
  12. Stop worrying. What worries you today will be forgotten by you and people around you tomorrow. Can you remember what you were so worried about the same day the same time last week? If not, then you should not worry right now. You will not worry about it even one week from now.


  • Exercise and eat healthy. Exercise raises endorphins and makes one feel happier and healthier. It is certainly an easy and effective way to boost your self-confidence.
  • When you’re feeling superbly insecure, write down a list of things that are good about you. Then read the list back. You’d be surprised at what you can come up with.
  • Turn feelings of envy or jealousy into a desire to achieve. Stop wanting what others have just because they have it; seek things simply because you want them, whether anybody else has them or not.
  • Don’t be afraid to push yourself a bit – a little bit of pressure can actually show just how good you are!
  • Take a wilderness experience course such as those found at Outward Bound or NOLS. Learning how to survive in the wilderness will build your confidence in other areas of life too. You can also try taking a martial arts or fitness class/course (or both). This will help build confidence and strength.
  • Try to make yourself talk positively at all times. When you hear yourself saying you can’t do something, stop and say you can. Unless you try, you will never know whether you are able to or not.
  • Everyone is beautiful in their own way, don’t let anyone tell you differently, and remember to tell yourself that you are beautiful everyday, even if you don’t believe it, one day you will.
  • Money, luck, beauty, and all other material things are just an illusion of happiness. It misleads us to believe we will feel excellent if we have these things or have fun, but in the long run, you will discover that while these things aren’t to say horrible, but only mere satisfactions. You will realize having the American Eagle jacket, Nike Shoes, or an attractively rich person flirting with you is only a satisfaction, so you in the end you might feel glad you’ve gotten what you wanted, but you’ll want more and more until you reach happiness. It’ll be you just running for happiness blindly until you are worn out.
  • Trust me, happiness is not all about being lucky, attractive, or the best but feeling joyful in yourself, letting go of your insecurities, and having real fun. Sometimes going clubbing is also what the media tags as being the most fun thing, and it can be, but you decide what feels wonderful and happily fun. The reason people also reflect back to their childhood as “the good ole days” is because that’s when being the richest or prettiest doesn’t count really, and when we were able to release ourselves and have true fun, feeling happy and confident.
  • Write something on wikiHow! If you have a suggestion for anything then share it. You will feel good for contributing,helping someone and having your voice heard. This is my second entry and I think I can feel it working…=]
  • Keep smiling all the time. It will help you feel more confidence


  • Don’t get wrapped up in your mistakes and dwell on bad points; they can contrast your good points or even give you something to improve. There’s no feeling like being good at something you were really bad at.
  • Don’t confuse what you have with who you are. People degrade their self worth when comparing possessions.
  • Surround yourself with nurturing friends, not overly critical individuals who make you feel inadequate or insecure. This could do great harm and damage to your self confidence.
  • Do not try to become confident in the interest of finding a partner. You will regret creating a false personality as the relationship goes along.
  • It’s good to have a lot of confidence, but don’t build it up so much that you get egotistical and annoying.
  • Lack of confidence is not necessarily a curse! So do not worry. Many ignorant, fanatic and maniac people are confident but is that desirable? No. Building self confidence should be associated with simultaneous growth from within. Thus by overcoming pettiness and superficiality you can build unshakable self confidence [Cf: Conceptual Stress: Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar]

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Everyday i want to fly stay by my side

“Everyday i want to fly stay by my side
Everyday i want to dream stay by side
Every morning i wish i could just play
Wish the mornings would just stay”

Bangalore – Important phone numbers


Domestic Airlines

  • Air Deccan: 98457-77008
  • Air Sahara: 25584417
  • Indian Airlines: 140 / 142 /  25226233
  • Jet Airways: 25226576 / 25226577 /  25220688 / 25229873
  • Kingfisher Airlines: 4197  9797
  • SpiceJet: 1800 180 3333  (BSNL)
  • GoAir: 1800 222 111 (BSNL)

International Airlines

  • Air India: 22277747
  • Air France: 2558 9397
  • Air New Zealand: 2224 4625
  • British Airways: 2227 1205
  • Cathay Pacific: 2226 9745
  • Delta Airlines: 2227 3439
  • Gulf Air: 2559 4242
  • KLM Northwest Airlines: 2226  9854
  • Kuwait Airways: 2558 6533
  • Malaysian Airlines: 2212  2991
  • Quantas Airlines: 2225 8594
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines: 2227  6614
  • Singapore Airlines: 2286  7868
  • South African Airways: 2224  4623
  • Srilankan Airlines: 2207  5020
  • Swiss Air: 2286 7873
  • Thai Airways: 4112 4333
  • United Airlines: 2224 4620


  • Accident Relief Care:  2220777
  • Ambicare: 23323560
  • Ambu Care: 26342063
  • Ambulance Services: 23367548
  • Bangalore Hospital: 26562753
  • Bowring Lady Curzon Hospital: 25591362
  • City Corp-Cantonment: 25571488
  • City Corp-City Area: 22277789
  • ESI Hospital: 23324112
  • Gayathri Hospital: 23352085
  • HOSMAT: 25593797
  • Indian Red Cross Society: 22264205
  • Jayadeva Hospital: 1051
  • KC General Hospital: 23341771
  • Mallige Medical Center: 22261135
  • Mallya Hospital: 22242325
  • Manipal Hospital: 25211200
  • Ramakrishna Nursing Home: 26633148
  • Rotary Life Saving Brigade: 1050
  • Sagar Apollo Hospital: 26536700
  • Santosh Diagnostic & Scan Center:  25542425
  • Sree Chowdeshwari: 23367925
  • Shushrutha Ambulance Service: 23447666
  • St. Jonhs Ambulance Association:  22295631
  • St. Martha’s Hospital: 22275084
  • St. Philomena’s Hospital: 25577046
  • Vanivilas Hospital: 26701150
  • Victoria Hospital: 26703294
  • Yallamma Dasappa Hospital: 22225663

Customer  Care Numbers

Hutch Customer Care

  • Dial 111 from your Hutch phone or 98860  98860

BSNL Mobile Customer Care

  • 94480 24365

Airtel Customer Care

  • Dail 121 from your Airtel  mobile
  • 98450 98450 (Prepaid), 98450 12345  (Postpaid)

Citibank  Customer Care Number

  • All Citibank customers – 2227 2484.
  • Citibank Suvidha account holders – 2227  2265.
  • CitiBusiness Customers – 2229 4653.
  • Citibank Credit Card – 2227  2484
  • Priority service to CitiGold Customers,  Diners Club Members & Citibank Gold Card members – 2229 4653.

ICICI Bank Customer Care  Number

  • Bangalore – 4113 1877
  • Karnataka – 98455 78000

HSBC Customer Care Number

  • Banking related – 2558 9595
  • Credit card related – 2558  9696

HDFC Customer Care Number

  • Debit card related –  9945863333
  • Banking related – 5500 3333
  • Credit card related – 6622 4332

ABN AMRO Customer Care  number

  • 4124 5555

SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number

  • Toll Free – 1600 180 1290 (BSNL and  MTNL)

UTI Bank Customer Care Numbers

  • 2537 0615, 2531 7830

IDBI Bank Customer Care Number (Phone Banking)

  • 22297000

Manhattan Credit Card Customer Care Number

  • 3030 1969

Standard Chartered Credit Card Customer Care Number

  • 2558 8888

Bangalore City Corporation

  • Complaint Room: 22237455/22221286, Fax:  22223194
  • Control Room: 22221188
  • Commissioner: 22260707 /22942215 /  98440-99707

Cinema Theatre

  • PVR [Forum Mall]: 2206 7511, 787 [Mobile  booking], 5110 0787 [Home delivery]
  • Inox [Garuda Mall]: SMS Booking 303030,  Phone Booking: 5112 8888
  • Innovative Multiplex: 2522  5944
  • Vaibhav: 23514515 / 23514554
  • Cauvery: 23361528
  • Rex: 25587350
  • Urvashi: 22245551/ 52/ 53
  • Symphony: 25585988
  • Abhinay: 22872029
  • Ajanta: 25514590
  • Lavanya: 25362134
  • Pallavi: 22223191
  • Sagar Talkies: 22263180
  • Sangeet: 22865098
  • Tribhuvan & Kailash:  22261101
  • Lakshmi: 25512716 / 25538179

Electric Supply

  • BESCOM (CRCO): 22208938
  • 24 hours Service (Centralised  Complaints): 22267119


  • Jayadeva Heart Brigade: 1051
  • KIMS Hospital: 26624870
  • Manipal Heart Foundation:  25266646
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya:  2783500
  • Rotary Life Saving Brigade:  1050
  • Sagar Apollo Hospital: 26552653
  • The Bangalore Hospital:  26565494
  • Trinity Heart Foundation:  26563996
  • Wockhardt Hospital: 22268888


  • Accident: 103
  • Emergency Help for entire Karnataka  [Operation Sanjeevini]: 1062
  • Senior Citizens: 1090
  • Women: 1099

Postal Service

  • Postal Enquiry GPO: 22866772
  • Postal Enquiry City:  22874410
  • Speed Post Enquiry: 22867302


  • Deputy Commissioner of Police  (Traffic)

East: 25588566, West: 23592771

  • Police Commissioner: 98440-99707,  22260707 / 22256242

Private  Hospitals

  • Abhaya Hospital: 26564586
  • Acura Specialty Hospital:  41105252
  • Agadi Hospital: 22222921
  • Al-Ameen Hospital: 22912723
  • Alfa: 26540041
  • Amar Nursing Home: 26602171
  • Ananya Hospital: 26607422
  • Bangalore Children’s Hospital &  Research Centre: 28600552
  • Bangalore Hospital: 26565494
  • Bangalore Institute Of Oncology:  22225644
  • Bangalore Kidney Foundation:  26392695
  • Baptist Mission Hospital:  23330323
  • Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital:  22207649
  • C M Hospital: 25280461
  • C S I Hospital: 22861104
  • Chaitanya Nursing Home:  23432633
  • Charakas Ayurvedic Clinic & Health  Centre: 25211801
  • Chhaya Nursing Home:  23342339
  • Chord Road Hospital:  23225858
  • D V G Hospital: 26913925
  • Diacon Hospital: 23329909
  • Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College &  Hospital: 25465860
  • Dr Agarwal Hospital:  22223100
  • Dr Sita Bhateja’s Nursing Home:  22210701
  • Eshwar Hospital: 23495080
  • Ganesh Nursing Home:  23610331
  • Garden City Hospital:  26346555
  • Hitech Kidney Stone Hospital:  22207114
  • Hope Infertility Clinic:  25583836
  • HOSMAT: 25593792
  • Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic  Sciences: 23717778
  • Jayashree Nursing Home:  23440981
  • KIMS Hospital: 26527739
  • Kshema Hospital & Trauma Centre:  25424751
  • Lake Side Hospital: 25360823
  • M S Ramaiah: 23606545
  • Malik Dispensary: 22385769
  • Mallige Medical Centre:  22203333
  • Mallya Hospital: 22277991
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya:  7835001
  • Northside Hospital & Diagnostic  Centre: 23620844
  • Novanordisk (24 Hours Diabetic  Helpline): 1901338014
  • Panacea Hospital: 23228649
  • Raj Mahal Vilas Hospital:  23417077
  • Ramakrishna Hospital:  26656800
  • Ramakrishna Nursing Home:  26633148
  • Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital &  Research Centre: 28394899
  • Republic Hospital: 22211762
  • Sagar Apollo Hospital:  26536701
  • Santosh Hospital: 25367706
  • Sevakshetra Hospital:  26714194
  • Shekhar Hospital: 23345901
  • Sindhi Charitable Trust Hospital:  22231711
  • Sri Satya Sai Hospital:  28411500
  • St. John’s Medical College &  Hospital: 22065000
  • St. Philomena’s Hospital:  25577047
  • St. Theresa’s Hospital:  23375332
  • Tibetan Medical Center:  23496190
  • Trinity Hospital & Heart Foundation:  26563993
  • Vijayanagaram Ayurved Bhandar:  23198718
  • Vittala International Institute of  Ophthalmology: 26722214
  • Wockhardt Hospital: 22281146
  • Yellamma Dasappa Hospital:  22225643


  • City Railway Station:  22874544
  • * Enquiries: 131
  • * Reservation Enquiries:  132 / 1361


  • Unicorn : 9844024365
  • Air Link Taxi: 25362222
  • KIMS Hospital: 26624870
  • Chamundi City Taxi: 25200333  25293222
  • City Taxis: 23237191/2
  • City Safari: 25539999
  • Garden City Taxis: 23437646,  23434274
  • Maruthi City Taxi: 23368888, 23369000,  57613332
  • Radio Taxis: 23320152
  • Raj City Taxis: 23337777, 23634444,  23335666
  • Roman Taxis: 25486606,  25486616
  • Shree Maruthi City Taxi:  51900000
  • Spot Taxis: 25510000
  • Taxi Control Room: 23523636

Tourist Information

  • KSTDC: 22352902
  • For Conducted Tours-KSTDC:  22275883
  • ITDC: 22254396
  • Government of India Tourism Office:  25585417


By Bala Posted in Daily

Online Textbooks for Tamil Nadu Students

Dear All…..

Please pass on this information to your friends / neighbors… whose children are studying in the Stateboards. Why don’t we pass this info to them.. atleast the government will save a few crores… if we IT people help them? Once in a while printing out some book for a poor child from our home printer keeps our printer ink from getting dry too isn’t it?

I think sometimes we are indirectly helping to someone like this.

Now the TN State board books are online in PDF and downloadable.

From Std 1 to Std 12. All subjects…

Any  GOOD heart person can print this material & handover to some Poor people.