Information Technology / System Support Enginner

Technical Support / Customer Support

To work in a challenging and stimulating environment envisaging personal growth and career development. To be a part of an organization provides an ambience of learning and professional growth.


Hands on can do IT professional, with nearly five years of extensive, diverse, results oriented and progressive experience in the field of information technology. Using strong interpersonal and communication skills I can work autonomously or if required from cohesive, focused teams, to produce innovative and creative ways of sharpening competitive edge for the business. My greatest strengths are flexibility, commitment, loyalty and the desire to progress the careers and aspirations of those around me and myself.



o Good at installation and support knowledge of Windows 2000/2003 servers,

MS Exchange 2000 and workstations.

o Experienced in the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of

MS Exchange 2000 server and client software like

Outlook 97, 2000, 2003 and Outlook Express.

o Troubleshooting of hardware, software and network problems.

o Good knowledge in application of virus definition updates,

elimination and cleaning of virus from affected machines

and application of proper security patch.

For detail Highlights Resume in Doc format
Highlights Resume in PDF format


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