Solaris Linkz

Solaris  Solaris Study Guides: study guide Huge number of Solaris guides, pdf’s, and white papers Solaris Sys Admin Guide – old version Down the bottom of the page, free study guides – need to register first. Some downloadable Solaris study guides Solaris study guides – need to register free first Solaris Advanced UNIX Sys Admin guide General Solaris tutorials Free, 88-page Unix training manual (1.32MB) Some Unix stuff Sun’s own System Admin resource centre Trusted Solaris Administrator’s procedures Solaris 9 System Administrators guide evaluation Solaris Operating Environment Security pdf Solaris security resources Solaris 8 and 9 security guidelines Solaris troubleshooting guides Solaris security presentation notes in pdf format Demo cram notes for 310-014 exam – pdf format and for the 310-015 and for the 310-044 Sample chapter from O’Reilly’s Solaris 8 guide Solaris 9 sample chapter Solaris 9 system startup and shutdown guide

Free Solaris Practice Questions / Solaris Exams: Solaris practice tests Free Solaris demo questions Demo Solaris questions  Bottom of the page – thoroughly recommended More demo Solaris practice exams Sun’s own practice questions – need to register first 500 free questions FAQ’s for Solaris 8 A few Solaris practice questions (demo’s) to try Practice Solaris questions (demo’s) for the SA and NA exams Demo questions for the 310-014 Solaris exam And a few more for the 310-015 10 free Solaris 9 questions Some free Solaris demo’s Free Solaris Admin test (change URL at end for part 2)

Solaris Discussion Forums: Sun’s support form for Solaris General Linux/Unix certification chat UNIX / Solaris discussion group UNIX discussion group UNIX discussion group

Solaris – Of Interest : For Solaris 7, but perhaps good for revision questions All-things-Sun site Solaris 8 build document Many Solaris tutorials (older versions though) Solaris Central The history of Solaris


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