A-One Community

A-One Community

Hey Guys….

I wanna share few personal things with you people its all about my friends & their cool activities.

Here we go….

We have created a community called “A-One“. It is A-One b’cos we are A-One. The cool community members are Naveen KH, Alister, Vinod, Harsha, Sharath, Lohith, Raghu, Manjunath & MySelf 🙂

All about friends, friends, friends, friends™: Open Hearted people{Two Meanings!!}, Funny people & Dangerous people, they Njoy Festivals, Trips, Travelling, Playing, socail works, All Kinds of Films, and they all have psychological profile, Some peolple are students, some people are working in Coo prates & Private company & some people are working as IT Professional.

We love listening Musics, Dance, etc. When i speak about music we are funs for big bands.

We spend lot of my time in A-One, BARS, Clubs, other than is chatting with Freinds and moreWell, that’s about it!


more to come all about my freinds……..


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