Naveen KH, Alister, Vinod, Manjunath, Girish, Harsha, Sharath, Deepka, Shilpa, Pramila, Anchrana, Shilpa P {My School Freinds & as well as unforgotten able people in my Life! }.

I have N numbers of freinds in all backgroud. Guys who are close to my heart are Deepu, Rimpu, Tinku, Tutun, Sathya, Bunty, Sagar & elders etc.. {My Bengali Freinds & as well as childhood Guys }.

Muruga, Vingin, Rajith, Ashok, Kiran, Manja, Arun, Vijay, Velu, Uday, Yogi, Musafeer, Gowda, Manja G, Mohan, Choki, Naveen, Satish, Jeson, Umesh, Vishal, Chandru, Kumar, Vijay Arun, Giri, Suraj, Pavan, Raju,
{My Sorrounding Freind & as well as childhood Guys }.

Subbu, Papay, Veadu, Deepika, Shivu, Praveen, Vishal, Nithin, Averill, Sushma, many are there but i have less memory to remmember.
{My Loving Angels from Heaven in my Life! }.

Bhagu, Ravi, Sanju, Sathya, Prasad, Hari, Nirmala, lijo, Murugan, Naveen, Bhasker so many are there to mention.

{My Loving Friendz from my Work environment in my Life! }.

All about friends, friends, friends, friends™:
Open Hearted people{Two Meanings!!}, Funny people & Dangerous people, they Njoy Festivals, Trips, Travelling, Playing, socail works, All Kinds of Films{Two Meanings!!}, and they all have psychological profile, Some peolple are students, some people are working in Coo prates & Private company & some people are working as IT Professional.

They love listening Musics, Dance, etc…they don’t feel when friends are around ….: ))

They spend lot of my time with BARS, Live Club, other than is chatting with Freinds and moreWell, that’s about it!


more to come all about my freinds……..


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