Secure IT companies in India

1 ) Microsoft — Has projects till 2050.

2 ) EDS — Most secure company in India. Not laid off any of its

employees even during 2001. Has lots of projects in Defense and

financial areas.

3 ) HP — Dream Company. In-house & outsourced projects.

4 ) Infosys — Dream Job. On a way to achieve the status of a secured,

stable Govt. company.

5 ) AOL, Google and Yahoo – Best companies to work with, great job

satisfaction as well as great salary and work environment. Rarely fires

an employee. As they are internet based companies’ they offer lots of

opportunities to grow.

6 ) HCL — A good company to be in called as a “retirement company.”

7 ) Aricent— a communication based software company, has never fired

any employee and gives great perks & incentives, lot of projects in

kitty. Minimal level of attrition.

8 ) KPIT Cumminns Infosystems Limited —- This is the most secure

company not known to many. It has presently acquired CG Smith, Bangalore

and has lots of projects in pipe line. Acquisitions plans will continue.



2 comments on “Secure IT companies in India

  1. thanks 4 d list of companies……
    which company should be joined by a fresher if one have got placed in infosys and accenture…… Do these companies have projects on electronics background or not….? if they have then, did freshers gets chance to works on these projects…

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