Recovering deleted mails

Helpful piece of information: Recovering deleted mails

Recovering Permanently Deleted Mails (Including Sub-Folders)

This document gives the procedure to recover permanently deleted

(using shift +del) mails from Microsoft Outlook.


1) First go to Run and type regedit


registry key.

3) Right click options and add new DWORD VALUE (data type is REG_DWORD) and then right click and rename to DumpsterAlwaysOn. It is case sensitive.

4) Then rights click and modify and make the value 1 to turn the Recover Deleted Items menu choice on for all folders or enter 0 to turn it off.

5) Then go to Outlook, choose “Recover deleted items” option from the Tools   Menu to get back your “permanently deleted” mails!

Note: As far as I know this can recover mails which were deleted by pressing shift+
del in the past 4 days only. 


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