Microsoft Customer Service & Support a New Toll free number!

Microsoft Customer Service & Support a New Toll free number, 1800 102 1100 for Customer Service and Support Contact center (Connect) that will be accessible from all Airtel land line and mobile phones. Besides the addition of new toll free number, we are also changing our toll number from 011 26292640 to 080 40103000 . The existing toll number (011 26292640) will be terminated on December 31st 2006 . Anybody, calling into our contact center at 011 26292640 from January 1st 2007 onwards will hear a recorded message that our number has changed and will be prompted to dial the new numbers. Callers calling into the contact center between now and December 31st will be advised of our upcoming number change for future reference.


1800 102 1100 ( New Toll Free number – Accessible from anywhere in India from Airtel land line and mobile phone )

+91 80 40103000 ( New Toll number – Accessible from anywhere in the world from any telecom service provider that provides access to India )

1800 111100 ( Existing Toll Free number – Accessible from 36 cities in India from MTNL/BSNL landline )



186 comments on “Microsoft Customer Service & Support a New Toll free number!

  1. Hello Microsoft Team,
    Thanx for your service till now. I am encountering problem whenever I am saving a word document in 97-2003 version. I have windows 2007 MS Office in my Laptop. it hangs when I try to convert it to compatible 97-2003 version. when i view problem details it saya APPCRASH, Winword.exe, and some error code appears. I tried to install updates relating to word it installed, but the problem still remains. I shall be ever obliged if you could kindly help me out. If possible you can mail me or contact me at 09719492838.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  2. Hi, customer services
    Im having a problem with my xbox 360 when i put a game in the xbox it doesnt load the game and it shows red lights on the front of the xbox instead of green lights. Could you please tell me the problem or give me information on how to get the problem solved. thanks Dean

  3. i can not activate my reinstall OS/product key it says unable to connect with the server settings, but when I checked the settings of my network it has a connection, I can access through internet but i can not activate my license Product key..
    because my harddisk crushed that’s why I need to replace it a new one kindly help me, because I only have 5 days left..

    Thank you so much.

  4. Hi
    I have cleared my MCTS examination (ID-6282466)on 12th june 2008, but still I am not getting my certificates. Kindly request you to send my Certificates at Plot-no-214, sukhbir nagar (karala),near shardamath, new delhi -110081.


  5. Hi Microsoft engineers,
    We have purchased Office 2007 recently. While working on Access,in the memo field, with rich text, if we convert any word into italics format it would appear in in italics in the table. But when we convert into report format and want to take the print some notation (hopefully commands) like em Azotobacterem would appear but the word Azotobacter will not be italisized. Please indicate me how I can overcome this problem.

  6. i hav cleared my mcp examination in january2008.and i applied for it.but still am not getting my certificate.kindly request you to send my certificates at rumshid rahim,kuruppintakayil house,cheruvathani,p.o.anjoor,kunnamkulam,thrissur,kerala,india,pin:680523

  7. 18/12/2008

    Dear Microsoft support Team,

    We are using MS outlook 2003 for mailing. We need to take printout of the selective pages. In print dialog box only three option is available ie All, Even, Odd.
    We need to take printouts of selective pages as we take from MS-word or MS-Excel (ie) pages 1-2.

    Can you help us to change the setting in outlook to enable us to take selective page printouts.

    Regards / Julius David

  8. when i login in windows xp its automatically log off, so plz help me out to resolve this kind of problem you can contact me on my mobile number also 9714001599

  9. I have windows 2003 server
    when i conect thin client to windows 2003 as rdp the LPT port of thin clinet dont be as default port, so i cant print the document. each & every time i have to manually assign port number in the control panel.
    and after assigning port i cannot give print from DOS software.

  10. the toll free no help me lot for activation purpose but the thing is that the executive says that they need the product key as well but the thing is that the case of the cd is lost so plz. provide the cd key as well……from installer id..

  11. hi
    I Have got HP laptop and i am using MS Windows XP Professional. My windows is activated and updated but i am not able to install “MultiMedia Audio Controller” Device i went to and tried audio software it does’nt work eather.
    can u healp please?
    Labi Darya

  12. hi,

    I have completed my MCP paper.

    my MCP ID is – 6662059

    when i am trying to open the microsoft’s MCP site its asking for an access code.

    pls let me inform my access code..


    Debiprasad satapathy

  13. Click here to reset your expired access code

    Reset Access Code.
    To Reset Acess Code enter all the required fields and click on the reset access code button.
    * indicates a required field
    * MCPID
    * First Name
    * Last Name
    * Email

  14. Myself Archana Tambe
    My MCP ID is 6379151 some days before i had applied to get My MCSA certificate at my home ,but i have not recieved .please let me know what is the status of my certificate
    i will be very thankful to you
    Archana Tambe

  15. Good morning Sir/Madam,

    I m Ali Raza ID# 2938370 Registration#206474465 completed Installing,Configuring, & Administering Microsoft win 2003 professional on April 1st 2003.
    but still today i have not received my Certificate.
    So can you please adivce the procudure to have the same.
    your help in this regard would be appreciated.
    looking forward to have favorable response.
    thank you.

  16. How do i down load the microsoft office and student 2007 it gives a lot of numbers i download them and it will not work. then it says to look up my order number which will not work.
    Thank you edward yonker




    CONTACT NO:-9323684449…………..

  18. Hi Microsoft,

    In a HotFix Kb 890951. There is an TWO exe files are avilable the second one is an extraced files. What is the use of that file. Should i need to install that file in all systems.

  19. hi is dere nyone plz tell me d procedure for repair my windows without the use of cd
    my cdrom is nt workin properly so plz tell me if nyone hav ny idea plz let me no
    will b thankful

  20. Thanks microsoft for providing various solution on various problem.
    But now I have faced one crucial difficulties.I hope you will give me the solution.My problem is described below.
    I am using Vista.I have some wireless network sorrounding my house, while I try yo connect to those wireless network,it shows local only.Thus I am not able to acess the internet. please provide some solution

  21. I have Windows picture and fax view on my computer, somehow I have icons on on the face of the monitor and can’t remove them. How can I get them off the monitor. I tried to delete Windows picture and fax view but I am unable to locate it so I can delete it.What can I do about the thousands of icons that come up on the monitor. I can’t even find the icons which I really need, there are so many of the other. When I go into one of the icons it reads WP&F and to where they are coming from. Thanks so much if you could help me!

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  23. Hi…
    my problem is my genuin windiws vista ultimate 64bit asking me a product key…it is not accepting the key which is sticking behind my laptop…please help me out….

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  25. Hey there people, I just wanted to holla and tell you that I found a great site. For those of you who don’t want to spend unwise amounts of money on ppv fees to watch UFC 108 online FREE in full high definition. Better then spending $55.95 on it eh?

  26. i hav cleared my mcp examination in january2008.and i applied for it.but still am not getting my certificate.kindly request you to send my certificates . plz help me

  27. Dear microsoft,
    I have server 2008 edition licensed copy with microsoft open license agreement. I am trying to register it. On phone activation no. is being asked. From where i can get this activation no.

  28. Dear sir,
    I have purchased Microsoft Office 2007 License OEM Pack but you dont given me Meida.How to installed office 2007 in my computer

  29. Dear Sir,
    Recentlly I Have Completed MCSA Exam.
    I Have got MCP Certificate In 2006.
    Now I want to order MCSA Certificate..
    Please tell me the procedure for shipping the certificate .

    Microsoft Certified Professional ID: 7294782

  30. Dear support

    i have done the mcts,mcse,mcsa exam prob is my card is lost my parsh so i want to new card on mcse,mcsa,mcts

    thanking you

    IT Admin

  31. I can’t delete my unwanted documents in word. I have Office Home and Student 2007. I tried the delete key on my keyboard and that dosen’t work, There is no delete instructions showing how to delete from the file its in. The older version had one. This is real complicated. Where is the delete button for this. I am doing a writing course and need this info right now. I hope you give good sevice, I paid for this version thinking it was better but to no avail. Reply at once please and tell me what to do.

  32. WOW! A wonderful post buddy! I am really thankful to you for this post. I just loved your blog and specially this post. You must keep this fantastic effort going on.

  33. Hello ,
    Could you advise me what to do ?
    My old computer has crashed , I have purchased a new one , my office 2007 was installed in the old computer. I still have the installation disc but have lost the product number .What can I do?
    Thank you

  34. I just bought a new Win 7 home basic edition and i found that the HIBERNATE function is having a problem.
    i use a DELL INSPIRON 1464 brand new Laptop and the Hibernate is functioning properly. eithther thru the start ->shutdown option or, when the lidof gthe laptop is closed.

    the system goes to hibernate a\with out any issues, however when the power button is pressed the windows will not resume from Hibernate, always i have restart the machine using the hard boot.
    i have done all the settings in the power options , still no go.

    i was with DELL tech support n the phone and as they suggested, upted the BIOS as well thinking that it was a known issue, still no success.

    i have reinstalled the OS but with out any succcess.

    DELL is also concluding that it is a issue with the OS, please help me.

    thanks in advance

  35. Hi Microsoft support Team,
    I have given following Microsoft Certification exams but i haven’t got MCP id and access code. How can i get my MCP id and Access Code.
    Details are as below:

    For EXAM NUMBER: 073-528
    DATE: Sunday, March 21, 2010
    CANDIDATE: anil jain
    CANDIDATE ID: sr6419468
    REGISTRATION: sd8syd5066
    For EXAM NUMBER: 070-547
    CANDIDATE: anil jain
    DATE: Monday, March 22, 2010
    CANDIDATE ID: sr6419468
    REGISTRATION: sd8syd5073

  36. pls call to 18001021100 no, this is microsoft toll free no,they wiil guid you, how to download the certificate…

  37. Microsoft Sucks and it will always suck. Paying such a price for Office and Windows, it turns out its all a waste.

    Stuff either crashes or is not compatible, I have registered anti-virus too.

    The Basic services like partitioning is constrained only to 3 primary drives, in Windows 7, and if System partition is deleted then another maybe possible at the expense of 100Mb unallocated, but anything more than 4 primary drives is not possible.

    What does Microsoft expect? We have 1TB and 2TB hard drives and we’ll make only 3 partitions? Losers. No wonder they face so much piracy, they deserve it.

    I am not going to pay for any microsoft programs hence forth, will use only PIRATED, atleast when it does’nt work I won’t mind.

  38. I have opened one word 2007 file and deleted its content and wrote something and instead of clicking on “save as” i have pressed “save” button. now hao can i get my old content. undo is not working and even system restore is not working. pls reply

  39. I can’t delete my unwanted c://windows/system32/winsta.exe.Its have 60GB Space in my computer. Once I delete next day same problem I have face.I have Windows xp prof.I hope you give good sevice.Reply at once please and tell me what to do.

  40. please help me! I accidentally pressed replace existing file for a word 2007 document and now my file is replaced by a blank document. How do I get what I had back? It was very important…

  41. sir, my condidate id-sr6448974.
    name- shailendra kumar singh.
    exam date is apr 09,2010. exam no-070-270.
    070-290,exam date -jun 04,2010.
    070-284,exam date – jun 29,2010
    070-291, exam date- aug 31,2010.

    sir, i have passed my above exam.
    but i have not got my mcsa certificare , how can
    i get n
    my certificate immediately. pse infor m me on my . e mail .

  42. I have tried in vain to get any video extractor for free, all of them add a bunch more programs that I do not want and don’t work anyway. I need to know the best free video extractor for microsoft windows 7 program.

  43. So i have failed myself and forgot my password to my home pc system. I am the only user for the pc and I have dissabled access to most everything on my system in the “Guest user” account. Any sort of help would be great at this point, as it has been over a week now that I have not been able to log into my computer. I have extremly important information and school projects I need to address as soon as I can.

  44. Dear sir
    Am completed MCSE Certified i have 2+ year experience as a Microsoft consultant in H/W N/W, recentally have send my document in microsoft for mct plz tell me about my status , document received or not

  45. I bought my PC and window Xp many years ago and forget the record of registration.My harddist was spoil and repaired. Now I need to reformet my PC please help
    Product key VRRXD 9M6HX-4XBJ7-CQWTH-QP37T
    Proof of licence cert. of authent. X14-01711
    Bar code E85-05103 , 00045-272-767-042

    Please help

  46. I recently sat and pass Dynamics Certification Exams in Trade & Logistics. I used the same MCID No. which I obtained when I wrote and psaa Navision Certification.

    I did not recieve and mail from Microsoft, therefore, I am unable to see or get my Certificate and also can’t access Partner source. I cannot attached it to the profile of my new Job.

    My MCID is 6814261
    My Name is Bernard Ofori
    Prometric Center = IPMC, Ghana – Accra

    Pls, I need help urgently

  47. Hi team ,

    Please clarify My dought,last week
    I bought a Win 7 professional OEM pack but i want to downgrade to Win 7 pro to XP ,
    Please send me the details..

  48. Hi team ,

    Please clarify My dought,last week
    I bought a Win 7 professional OEM pack but i want to downgrade to Win 7 pro to XP ,
    Please send me Step details

  49. Dear sir,

    I completed my MCSA exam but still now i dont get my certificate.My CANDIATA : sr6978661
    please send me the soft copy in my mail id(

  50. Dear Microsoft Team
    From 3 days I am facing an unbelievable problem only in excel. We have license of Ms Office 2010. When I am trying to print any document after setting margins, its preview remains same as I want but printing convets to maximum. Suppose i tried to print 3 pages but automatically it converts to 18, 19 0r 20 pages. So pls do the needful.

  51. While am trimg to config a fax server .if a try to connect to fax it will show one merror message
    A policy is effect on your computer print queue

  52. Hello, this is Maria I Perry with a question. I had purchase a Windows XP Program CD back in 2009 or maybe was already 2010 when I used to live on 1144 Fassler Ave, Pacifica, California 94044. That is the program I have right now on my lap top. However, I moved from California to Uruguay, South America last year but my windows program CD did not. It was probably left behind or may be lost. If a get a virus and I have to reinstall it I will have lots of trouble. What can I do?
    My e-mail Thank you for your prompt response.

  53. In my system this message appears.”You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.This copy of windows did not pass genuine windows validation.” Please inform how to check this. The speed is also very low.

  54. Dear Ms,
    i install office communicator 2007,but phone call option is diseable function(block) how to open plz tell this mob 9952788066,, chennai India.

  55. Dear Ms,
    i install office communicator 2007,but phone call option is diseable function(block) how to open plz tell this mob 9952788066,, chennai India.

  56. Hai
    In Microsoft Operating systems like Windows 7 Basic, Premium, Ultimate will support Programing Softwares like—– C,C++, Java, Oracle,,,,,
    Can u give me the reply soon

  57. I forget my Administrator Password in windows 7 home premOA
    please provided the support how to reset my Admin password this windows licence product key is licence .

  58. hell sir,

    i m having problem with microsoft isa server 2006 when i try to install isa server services but some authentication error ocure. plz help me.

  59. dir sir
    i have missplace my windos 7 box & miss tha key. u r support to me.i have only my box key. i loss tha windos 7 product key. so me

  60. dir sir
    i have missplace my windos 7 box & miss tha key. u r support to me.i have only my box key. i loss tha windos 7 product key. so me

  61. Hi Team,
    i am using office 2003 while starting the system geeting error (Alert! OS Install mode enabled.Amount of available memory limited to 256MB.strike the F1 key to continue,F2 to run the utility)i trayed to disabled but its asking for password,i would like to know which is that password,please help me out on this….

  62. Hi Customer Service or Tech Support,
    I accidentally deleted my Microsoft Office from my 7 yr old lap top. Please help. I can’t afford to buy a new MS Office ti install. It’s an unfortunate incident since I use my laptop as one tool for income generating.

    I would indeed appreciate your timely reply.

    Thank you.

  63. dear sir i have purche laptop hp 630 but after some time my hard drive is gone i complain in hp they replace hard drive n for windows 7 basic cd i got from us n i instole in my laptop but microsoft office 2010 is not working because they ask for activation code kindly help me in this matter thanks vinesh

  64. When i open Exe files, many times it gives an error message i.e., “The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64 bit) version of the program, and them contact the software publisher.” Help me please. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. In 32 bit it never showed these errors.. Help ASAP.

  65. hello, i have purchased a sony vaio laptop with windows home basic genuiene version, I installed Microsoft essentials antivirus in it, and now it says your windows copy is counterfiet or not genuine and the antivirus stopped working, in such case what should i do, please suggest…

  66. I have purchsed Toshiba Satellite L650 about a year ago. OS Windows 7 home premium. Now the windows got corrupt and I have to format the same. but I don’t have the product key. Laptop serial no is 8A068206W and model no PSK2CG-04Q007. Pls suggest

  67. Dear Microsoft Technical Support Team,
    I am using Windows 7 Home Premium on my Lenovo ideapad due to some reason I am unable to access internet connection on my machine. After all test and trials I was recommended for system restore . I tried to restore system several times from different dates at one point I was suggested to uninstall the antivirus software , I did the same after ward I am getting error as 0x80071ax90 every time , please suggest the solution.

  68. i have purchased wireless kit 800 one month back. I lost the USB reciever , can you plz tell me the alternative so that i can use the mouse and keyboard which is working .’
    Or can i buy the new USB reciever ?

  69. i am using licensed windows is not working according to the keyboard. the ‘@’ key with ‘2’and ‘#’ key with ‘3’ and many more are not working according to the keyboard. the fault is with the software as it was not before it was not installed.please solve the problem or suggest some ways to resolve.

  70. Two weeks befor i bought the window 8 by online i have a KEY but ist not instaling the windw in my system asking key is not correct

  71. A: To uninstall Windows, FORMAT THE DRIVE And put on Linux….

    B: To the individual who is AKSING for a key for Microsoft products, they SELL those, they won’t GIVE you one…

    C: Microsoft support, in my honest opinion, is ABYSMAL. You would do better to ask a question in the Linux community – you will get an answer and it won’t be from a guy who’s native language is different than your own, i.e. a guy who calls himself Joe who’s real name might be Raj! Just last night I was hung up on by FOUR of their India call center people, and ONE person finally took the trouble to LISTEN, who understood plain English. NEVER got a solution to the problem I STILL have. I will have to solve it myself… As usual.

    John T. McF. Mood

  72. HIIIIIIIII microsoft……..meri ek problem h …….window 8 mai window feature on ya off krney h to plese solution btao…….nd koi bhi software load krney pr Microsoft net framework download krney ko khta h …………………………. plese solution btao

  73. Sir, I unable to activate my windows 7 basic.
    kindly any one give me the solution. my mobile
    number is 9841358350
    thank you

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  78. dear sir,
    when i open excel file then i received compile error in hidden module….
    sir what is compile error in hidden module..
    pleas give me solution for this..

  79. I am using win 8 os I have ecountred a problem and that is I am not able to access windows store what am I supposed to do

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  84. dear sir

    same problem with windows 8 machin connected to L2 switch but problem face me . Ping trancmit fallurier Ganeral falliur

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  86. SIR

  87. Hi…
    my problem is my genuin windiws7 professional 64bit asking me a product key…it is not accepting the key which is sticking behind my laptop…please help me out….

  88. sir
    i bought a new lenovo laptop G500s…as i do not have any production key given to me by my retailer.
    so what is the solution to this problem ?
    as my retailer has refused to this and said call microsoft customer care number

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  90. Hello, I purchased a used phone. When I try access my marketplace the phone won’t let me, also I try use my x box live app and it always comes up Microsoft live not available, please try again later. I want to be able to go into my marketplace to download games and apps but its not working. Please help me asap thanks.

  91. completed my MCP exam but still now i dont get my certificate.My MICROSOFT CERTIFICATION ID IS: 7376939,please send me the soft copy in my mail id(

  92. I can’t set my lock screen , I can’t set my start screen and I can’t set my account picture. I need support. So contact us if you know how to no. 9345694770.

  93. Hi,
    Tried to reach Microsoft India but always it’s landed to Australia.Can you please let me know about the discount or offers on certificate 70-513.


  94. hello maicrosoft company my problem is not instaalme computer ms office 2013 pls instal the my computer office 2013 pls pls pls my contect no. is 07365262250 and 8878739973 pls sajestion my problem thenk sir

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  96. Hello,
    I completed my MCP exam on dec 19 MCID is:10547935. Please send me the soft copy to my mailbox(

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  98. I could not update windows 8.1 in my laptop it is showing errors.I have tried to download it 6 times but every time its showing error

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  100. i bough my laptop 2 years back i did not gave it to any repair but it is telling my system windows is not genuine and i also lost my product key i did not gave it anybody but why is it coming like this i cant understand

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  102. please call back i am interest to a knowladge in a tutorial lerning a operiting system making cource so you are help us i am speaking in a hindi language my comtact number are 09031710547 i live in india this time i am lerning a ethikal lhaking cource so ia ma helpfull in you thinks bye

  103. Hello
    SIr Some days before i done my MCSA i received MC ID but i did not received Access code ;;;;
    SOme one tell about that

  104. sir we brought acer core i-3 computer systems from acer with win8.1 licenced down gradabel to win7 prof. but our software will works only win7 prof licenced key. acer con’t abel to provide that. with out win7 pro key our software is not installed kindly helping this . they gave 2no’s of win8 anf 1 no of win7 pro dvd’s provided but we can’t abel to trace the win7 pro key. kindly help in this situation.

  105. Sir,

    I have Surface Pro 2 , bought last year. It was function very nicely. Now I am facing charging problem. Battery is discharged and not getting recharged. May be
    the problem of battery. Please advice where should I contact to get my battery
    changed. I am staying in Jogeshwari (west), Mumbai -400102.

  106. My self is Dibyendu. I have already purchase a Lumia 535 phone on 14th March-2015 but today 1st April-2015 my phone Display is not working and i have already visit service center. They are take my phone and inform me that i will be get my phone after 30 days and also they not give any others phone for use. So this is a very poor experience for me.

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