Indiranagar High School Golden Jubilee Celebration on 28th Oct 2006

During the last half-century, from 1956 until the present, the Indiranagar High School has been at the forefront of all aspects. Its many thousands of students, together with several generations of teaching and support staff, have collectively had an enormous influence in our state & country.

The present Indirnagar High School Community is proud to welcome all past students, teachers, support staff and others who have had connections with the School of Education over the years.

Our past, present and future are interconnected, each is vitally important for us in defining who we are, and what we stand for. Please accept this invitation to join us in 28th October 2006, and to share your memorabilia stories & make this event successfull.

We are looking for any memorabilia that could be used in our history displays. Join the community Indirnagar High School Community.
Please send me your comments to Bala.

By Bala Posted in Daily

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