Microsoft Launches the Zune


Microsoft has just launched their digital media player, the Zune! On September 14, 2006. Zune going to be successful if it replaces the iPod as the most sold music player.Zune comes with a bright 3-inch LCD video screen that works in portrait or landscape mode. Your music, video and pictures never looked better with three colors, black, brown and white.Zune media device will be drive-based, and have WiFi. You can share songs via WiFi. You can download through Zune Market place. You can browse & purchase music online without a credit card.


WMA, MP3, AAC, JPEG,WMV, MPEG-4, H.264 media
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) connectivity
30 GB Hard Drive
3 inch video LCD 320×240
White, Black, and Chocolate Colors
FM Radio
TV output connectivity
Dedicated song download site
DJ Mode (broadcast what you are listening to)
Podcast playback
3 day playback of Wi-Fi transfered songs from friends
XBOX streaming
XBOX (Microsoft) points compatability
Preloaded music videos
Over a dozen accessories at launch
5.6 ounces in weight, 4.4 by 2.4 by 0.58 inches size
Metric: 158 g, 112 by 61 by 14.7 mm size



Zune Home A/V Pack

Zune Car Pack

Zune Travel

For more details:

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