100 years to vandemataram

Today is the day of nation’s pride. Vandaematharam 100 years celebrations day.The great song VANDEMATARAM had taken its roots into the deep hearts of
every Hindustani. It had been given the pride of – RASTRIYA PRARTHANA GEET

-( national prayer  song)
Exactly before 100 years when we were bearing the burden of british rule
and working as slaves,  Our mother Barathi was in the custody of those cruel britishers,

there arosed a divine thought form the internal soul of a great partriot
BANKIMCHANDRA CHATARJEE. His thoughts then became a peom and it added
many  verses to it and emerged as a patriotic song.
Thus the great vandematharam showered the patriotics souls with a new
enthusiasim and every common man becam a great patriot.The great vandematharam song became then a MANTRA for freedom struggle.
It became main slogan to fight against british and stopped the partision
of  bengal.
Many were penalised for singing this vandematharam.
Many were put behind bars for raising the slogan vandematharam.
Many more were hanged to death for singing this vandematharam.
What does this VANDEMATHARAM excatly means :
Oh mother salutations to you
Then why did britishers punished us when we said we said vandematharam.
Dont they love there mother ? dont they salute there mother land ?
Atlast after facing all these, our great patriots gave us this freedom.
So, isnt it our duty to remember all those people.
Dont we feel it our responsibility to make this VANDEMATHARA SHATAABDI ( 100
years of vandematharam) a great success. Make many and many people aware of this
Vandematharam.,………………….. .. 


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